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Get To Know the Artist !

Hi I'm Jada! Welcome to my site! I'm also known as JagsArtCreations on all social media platforms. Where you can get to know me as an acrylic painter, graphic designer, and illustrator. I am a freelance graphic designer located in Orlando, FL. I grew up in a small local town known as Muck-City; where I started my passion for the arts and my small business also known as JagsArtCreations. I began drawing as young child. As this passion progressed into different mediums of art, so did my love to turn my passion into a full time job. My mission is to connect and network with individuals similar from my background. Whether this is gaining a connection to help uplift in small beneficial way, or gain knowledge in my field as a Graphic Designer. I want to work towards a full time occupation; while also giving back to my local community further down my career.

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