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Get To Know the Artist !

Hi I'm Jada! Welcome to my site! I'm also known as JagsArtCreations on all social media platforms. Where you can get to know me as an acrylic painter, graphic designer, and illustrator.

My Art style is defined by what I feel internally and want to express with others. I feel like as an artist, whether if your platform is big or small it is important to express the world surrounded by you. 

Born and raised in Pahokee, Fl. I was never surrounded by an artistic community or big influencers who were passionate for the art culture. I can simply put; that my creativity and passion for the arts found me and progressed over time. I would draw obsessively as child, being motivated by my grandpa, who would always encourage me to keep drawing no matter what.

JagsArtCreations is what I named my small art business as it began to progress. Growing up in a rural area around a community that doesn't have appreciation for the arts makes me a stronger individual and artist. I want to have a positive influence on artists of color like myself, who aren't aware of the resources and opportunities available to them. Like I once was.

In conclusion, welcome to my page! A place where art speaks for itself.

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